Cultural Tech-Fusion Fabrics

This evening I have been working on creating Egyptian motifs for a Friday Nights event at the de Young Museum...the closing night of the King Tut exhibit. As I was working I was thinking how lucky it is that I have some experience with Illustrator as I embark on creating digital textile designs.  It will be useful.  On the theme of Egypt and the Middle East, we were at dinner tonight at a sushi restaurant in Santa Clara on El Camino Real.  I happened to look across the street and see sandwiched between a wireless phone shop and as car dealership, a small store called "Al-Huda Bookstore and Hijab Corner".  My mind went spinning on other such store names like "Hijab Hut" .  I could see long white shirts on hangers and a woman's manequin head with a patterned hijab on it.  Being in Silicon Valley, I knew it must have a website and it does.  I hope to go visit the store and get a better look at their rich textiles. The pink patterned fabric on the hijab looked very pretty.

I think this experience is typical of the cultural fusion in Santa Clara County. I loved it that I was eating sushi in the Korean section of El Camino Real and was gazing at a hijab store across the street.

Below are beginnings of the de Young project pattern pieces. I will be approaching the project with a sort of Art Deco Egyptian flavor. Visitors will take these elements, color them, cut them out, and attach them to gold headbands.