Cultural Tech-Fusion Fabrics

I have two projects in the works relating to textiles. One is a NEA grant funded project reflecting on the public's views of Silicon Valley identity (ZERO1 Biennial) and the other (Creative Work Fund application in progress) centers around our past and present visual vocabulary through cultural textiles of Santa Clara County.  For this cultural focus I am working on a logo and press release for the image collection days at libraries. I want to be sure people come!
Here are a few studies.  My first public textile documentation event will be through the Cupertino Library for Asian Heritage Month, May 17th, from 6-9 in The Cupertino Community Hall. The library will be handling all the press as they are folding this data collection event into their programming.  People will bring cultural garments and textiles for me to photograph and document in writing what they are. I will also have a white garment upon which I will have a projector projecting images of my preliminary designs...something visually engaging so that they can visualize that all will come together into textiles and garment at a future date.

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