Cultural Tech-Fusion Fabrics

A few days ago I was informed that I was selected as a MERIT Scholar at the KCI Center for Innovation. I will be learning digital tools and ways to bring innovative projects into the Title One schools I teach at.  I will use the implementation funding ($1,000) to create a digital fabric workshop for elementary school students. Last night I found this wonderful lesson plan, The Joy of Hex , by Jon Ingrim.  It will help me greatly in designing the lessons leading up to the actual textile tile patterns the students create. The children will reference or scan objects from their daily lives to create textile designs reflecting their visual vocabulary (ie: Mexican De La Rosa candy wrappers, scarps of piñatas, Vietnamese noodle bags, etc.) The project will  make the convergence of art, math, technology and culture tangible and exiting to the children. I very excited to have received this education grant allowing me to reach out into the community to engage them in reflections on cultural through textiles. I will be conducting these workshops in Spring 2011.

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