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Chinese Agricultural Labor

Many do not know that San Jose, California had a Chinatown.  In fact it had five Chinatowns.  The first three were destroyed by arson. The last Chinatown, Heinlenville, was a brick, walled, and locked community build by a German immigrant to protect the Chinese immigrants. He enlisted the architect of San Jose's City Hall to design the enclave.  At one point in time, San Jose had the largest Chinatown in California outside of San Francisco.

In the 1990's Chinese workers made up 48% percent of farm labor in Santa Clara County.  In later decades the population declined due to the Chinese Exclusion Act.  (Chinatown San Jose, USA by Connie Young Yu)

In 1932 85,00 acres of prunes planted in Santa Clara County produced one third of the world's supply! ( page 42 Life Along the Guadalupe River an Archeological and Historical Journey).

Chinese labor and agricultural knowledge were crucial to the growth of the agriculture industry.

Below: Chinese laborer jacket. Collection of Connie Young Yu.

Below: Woman's winter coat. Collection of Connie Young Yu.