Cultural Tech-Fusion Fabrics

Below are my first pictures documenting the garments of residents of Santa Clara County and the beginning of my journey in this project. This mom at my son's school was gracious to let me photograph her. She explained to me that she was from Southern India. I enjoy the mix of Western and traditional clothing she was wearing. She and a Sikh mother explained to me that if I want to see fancier Indian clothing I should visit one of the many temples around. The Sikh mom also offered to let me photograph her clothing at her house. I will take her up on it!
I do want to get images of people about their everyday lives wearing their cultural clothing so I will be taking a camera with me everywhere.
Detail of clothing
hand-me-down outfit!
Recently a friend gave me a bag of hand-me-down clothing for my daughter. Buried among the standard Gymboree and Old Navy garments was this beautiful top and skirt from India. When they return to India to visit family, my friend receives so many gifts of clothing for her daughter that the child barely has time to were them before she outgrows them.

I cannot wait for warm weather so that my daughter can wear this.

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