Cultural Tech-Fusion Fabrics

Exploring emotions about Silicon Valley and this project, I took two quotes from the correspondence I had and sent through the emotion mapping sofware, Synesktech . These images became components of this textile design.

First quote (the lighter burst of circles):
"My vision of Silicon Valley is the contrast between what it was in the form of orchards and farm land and what is has become today, tilt up buildings, sprawling campuses sitting on concrete, and the marvelous technology growing where fruits and vegetables used to grow."

"It is an image which I've had for 30 years plus, but I sway on its interpretation, i.e. good or bad.  Perhaps whatever - I am seeing a collage - is produced should be subject to the judgment of the viewer.  But it is a powerful image and not only from an ecological point of view but from a position which defies common sense and respect for natures beauty and natural productivity."
           -Sandy Towle

The denser burst of circles within the hard edge circle:
Wow, it's great. I'm really taken by the categories and the multi-dimensional thought layers of each one.
I'm so glad some of my submissions were helpful.
Please keep me posted, I really like what you're doing.

I think your project is so interesting. I feel lucky to have been part of the public invited to share visual "thoughts" on what Silicon Valley looks like to me. If not for privacy, I would have also uploaded Ryan's preschool class picture. All the beautiful hues of eyes, hair, skin and clothes, both teachers and students, smiling together in this unique melting pot that is Silicon Valley is pretty special, too, and one of the unique things that keeps us here.”

-Kathleen Peters

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